“The temperature of the Earth is rising at an unprecedented rate. As a result of this, glaciers are melting, sea level is rising, and more land is being devastated by drought. NASA scientists reported that 2005 was the hottest and driest year in over a century. In short, the climate is changing at an extraordinary pace and as a result is impacting the Earth’s biota in ways never experienced. These impacts pose real threats to the distribution, abundance and function of organisms and therefore to the many ecosystems that they both inhabit and define.” 

- Todd E. Dawson and Michal Schuldman, University of California Berkeley

Terra-Vista engineers data and visualization tools which allow decision makers to gather information and solve problems in near real-time.   Perfected in other technology-driven industries, these analytical capabilities reveal information graphically that will facilitate making complex decisions or enhance the  presentation of unique opportunities to investors or clients.

Terra-Vista offers the possibility to see location-based data from a new and different perspective.  In brief, Terra-Vista offers visual intelligence anywhere, anytime.

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Intelligence Fusion Engine for:

Climate Change

Real Estate

Wireless Telecom

Disaster Response

Homeland Security

Remote Asset Management

A Solution For
Western Wildfires:


Fire Management Information System

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