"I’m Matt O’Neill, pictured here with my better half. I'm the Founder and Owner of an incredible company focused on Customer Service and Great Quality work.  We achieve this through taking care of all of our team members.  Let’s face it….Happy Employees who love their jobs produce great work for customers like you!"

Founder's Story

I’ve been growing plants since I was 5 years old – propagating plants from cuttings or seed then selling them for $.03 each to the neighbors down the road!  I have a great passion for Horticulture as well as taking care of my customers' needs.

After working in Plant Nurseries for a few years, I branched out into the Landscape Industry in 2001.  I worked as a Landscape Management Foreman and Spray Technician for 3 years, and was then promoted into management.  I have been an Account Manager for the last 13 years, while wearing multiple hats:

  • Branch Safety Officer
  • Horticultural Advisor
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Branch Manager

Far too many years went by and I was separated from my true passion of Horticulture in exchange for reporting numbers.  Horticulture is in the landscape - not behind a desk.  Finally, enough was enough, and I realized my true calling for service and quality work!

Let’s make something awesome in your landscape!  It may be a patio, healthy lawn, irrigation system, or just simply to have great mid-season cleanup!

TerraVista's Approach

Our Approach is to start with a base line, and figure out what your landscape really needs.  We offer you services based on those real needs. We will not prey on your fears and sell you services that you don’t need – that is what others do, not us.

My philosophy is to treat each property as if it is my home – whether it’s a 30 acre HOA, municipal complex or a 1 acre residential property.  I have seen a lot in my 16 years in the Landscape Industry, and my focus is to nurture properties so their landscape can reach its maximum potential.  I never feel the need to sell excess services, but rather I focus on the main, important and pivotal services that are needed for YOUR property.

Concise and Comprehensive analysis of your landscape is key.  Once we have had a chance to review all aspects of your landscape, we will be able to offer you suggestions on plant selections, landscape design, lawn care, night lighting and overall landscape management services.

Bring me out to your property for a comprehensive conversation.  I’m glad to meet and discuss all aspects of your landscape – drainage, irrigation, lighting, lawn care, horticultural care and landscape design.

Our Team


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Let us come out to have a conversation of what your landscape's needs are.  We’re always glad to help!