I am Matt O’Neill, founder of TerraVista Landscape Management. After having spent over 20 years in the Landscaping Industry it was time to start a business that focused on Customer Service, and not just the bottom line. Having worked my way up from Associate Foreman to Branch Manager and now to Owner, I have seen and experienced all aspects of the business. The most important underlying aspects of business are, quite simply, having satisfied customers and happy employees.

My passion for landscaping comes from a love of Horticulture and Nature. Working in tandem with Nature is complex and multifaceted, but it allows us the ability to bring out the best in the landscape. Proper soil conditioning, detailed analysis of soil chemistry, proactive irrigation management and Integrated Pest Management are all parts of the puzzle that I enjoy putting together.

My name is Jennifer Barnhill and I have been in the industry for over 10 years now. My passion for landscaping started out as a stay-at-home mom. When my little girl, Raegan, was born, she loved to be outside and could easily be entertained by helping dig holes, install shrubs and basically play in the dirt. We had loads of laundry! When she started pre-school, I started working at a local nursery, getting to know the ins and outs of plant material. Fast-forward a bit, I ended up going back to college for a second degree, Landscape Design. I have an Associates in Art, Associates in Woody Ornamentals and Landscape Technology and a Bachelor’s in Landscape Design, Gardens and Urban Environments from North Carolina State University.

I love getting to know each and every client, assessing their needs and wants. Each day is a new adventure with a new hat. Whether I am bringing the different styles of my client(s) to find the right balance between the two, a problem-solver of unforeseen environmental happenings or a visionary of taking what’s inside my client’s head and putting it to paper… I absolutely Love what I do! I strive to build lasting relationships with each client…when you choose me, I am available not only for the duration of the project but also for any questions later in life.

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