TerraVista is the premier landscape management company in the Triangle Area. We believe your property should be a reflection of who you are and help you showcase just that. Our team makes a personal connection with each and every one of our commercial clients to ensure their property stands out above the rest.


Turf Program

Investing in a quality company who can maintain the different nuances of turf grasses is key! We at TerraVista have the ability to keep your commercial grounds up to standard. Even better, if your turf program is struggling we have the tools to turn things around for you by incorporating a 6-step program with noticeable results in less than 2 years!

We provide comprehensive and detailed management of your lawns, whether they are warm season or cool season lawns.  Our standard is Six applications and the approximate schedule.


Proper pruning techniques allow for optimal shrub and tree health. They also provide an inviting environment for your guests to enjoy.

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The first impression for your commercial property are the bright pops of color coming from seasonal annual beds. Our team can walk you through options for the different needs you might have.


An integral part of maintaining your property is proper irrigation management. Comprehensive and frequent irrigation audits ensure efficient application and decreases overall water usage.


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